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Medak was formerly popular as Siddapur Medak, the prefix however, lost its importance in the popular usage. The region was ruled by Kakatiyan rulers in the past. During the reign of Kakatiyan rulers the region served as one of the commanding posts. The district profile is adorned by the heritage left behind by these great rulers and the rich resources it possesses. The place is provided with a number of places that act as a good bait to the tourists. There are however, no nets and nothing fishy. The place is a known tourists destinations with some of the best attractions taking the form of ancient monuments, worshipping places and animal reserves.

Medak Fort that exists as a citadel bears the hallmark of the Kakatiyan empire. The fort built on a hillock is an epitome of architectural and millitary excellence. The strategic location and the construction makes it a marvel in the city.

Medak Church built in the year1924 (year of completion) reveals the touch of the perfection and beauty of the art. The stained glass work is incredible. The building material (tiles) have been imported from Italy. The whole structure portrays a perfect example of Gothic building style.

The Wildlife Sanctuary at Medak is one more tourists’ favorite. The sanctuary inhabits a number of woodland species including leopard, forest cat, wild dog, wolf, sloth bear, sambar, nilgai, chital and four horned antelope.