Adult Education


Manjeera Akshara Prabha it is a society registered under societies Act., 1 of 1350 fasli (AP Telangana Area) bearing registered No. 1272 of 01991 dt: 20-7-1991.


To provide the literacy skills to Non Literates between the age group of 15 to 35 years to acquire the 100% literacy among the people

E.C. Committee of the society

District Collector                                                                          Chairman

Joint Collector                                                                               Vice Chairman

Superintendent of Police                                                              Vice Chairman

Dy. Director of Adult Edn                                                             Convenor

Dist. Revenue Officer                                                                    Treasurer

All other Members of Dist. Officers                                             Member
2 / 3rd of Government of India share for implementationFunds

1 / 3rd of State Government share for implementation

Total Literacy Campaign

Survey 843045 Non-Literates are in the District as per the survey conducted by the society.

Literacy Rate The Dist. Literacy rate is 32.41% as per the 1991 censes. (Male 45.15% and Female 19.25%).

Literacy programme launched on ( implemented in two Phases)                      1-11-1992

Non Literates enrolled                                                                                               615467

Teaching and learning activity commenced from                                                  1-2-1993

Programme completed                                                                                              March, 1995

Made literate (Achievement)                                                                                    257000

Monitoring System

Post Literacy Programme

AIM: To provide the facility to the Neo-Literates for stabilization, reinforcement for up gradation of Newly acquired literacy skills as per the National Literacy Mission norms.
Neo-Literacy Enrolled – 143454
Also utilized the progress by
still learning learners after 2 months – 103048
Programme implemented up to – 1997 Year

Akshara Sankranti Literacy Programme (Basic Literacy)
Implemented in 4 phases to the Neo-literates as shown below:

Phase – I                                  Enrolled                            220342

Achievement                    50664

Phase – II                                Enrolled                             160302

Achievement                     62542

Phase – III                              Enrolled                              83281

Achievement                      48451

Phase – IV                              Enrolled                               55026

Achievement                       4116

Implemented in 4 phases to the Neo-literates as shown below.Akshara Bharathi Literacy Programme (Basic Literacy)
Phase – I                                  Enrolled                            200975

Achievement                    125038

Phase – II                                Enrolled                             43961

Achievement                     23145

Phase – III                              Enrolled                              16576

Achievement                      10889

Phase – IV                              Enrolled                               17616

Achievement                       11803

Continuing Education Programme (GOI)
Samajika Parivarthana Literacy Programme (Akshara Deepam)
A innovative literacy programme by name “Samajika Parivarthana” (Akshara Deepam) implemented in the District through the financial Assistant from the DRDA to the self help groups of women in the month of November, 2006 and completed by March, 2007. Providing health, Nutriation, environmental, Child care, immunization, Mother & Child Care awareness non literates through entire District.
Enrolled – 124769
Achievement – 97000
(Made literate) Among the women

Programme sanctioned onv – 4-12-1997
Launched on – 15-8-1998
Programme closed on -30-9-2009
To provide the Skill developmental activities and income generative programmes to the neo-literates including the literacy skills. The scheme is for 5 years.
451 CECs Sanctioned and functioned
64 NCECs Sanctioned and functioned
72 Addl. CECs (State) Sanctioned and functioned

The Continuing Education Center the details are follows.

Sl.No.     Name of the Mandal           CECs          NCECs         Addl. CECs
(1)                      (2)                                   (3)             (4)

1                 Ramachandrapuram                  7                    1                       1

2                 Patancheru                                  13                  1

3                 Sangareddy                                  8                   1

4                  Kondapur                                    10                 1

5                  Sadashivapet                              14                 2

6                  Munipally                                    9                   1                      1

7                   Zaheerabad                                12                 2

8                   Kohir                                           17                 2                      1

9                   Jharasangam                             12                 1

10                 Nyalkal                                       8                   1

11                 Narayankhed                             9                   1                      2

12                 Manoor                                       9                   2                      2

13                 Raikode                                                            1                      11

14                 Kalher                                         11                 2                      2

15                 Kangti                                         16                 2

16                 Medak                                        6                   1                      3

17                 Ramayampet                             14                 2

18                 Shankarampet – R                    12                 2

19                 Chegunta                                    12                 2

20                 Kulcharam                                 5                   1                     5

21                 Yeldurthy                                   10                 1

22                 Tekmal                                        19                 2

23                 Papannapet                                 6                  1                    3

24                 Alladurg                                       11                 2                   2

25                 Narsapur                                      7                   1                  2

26                 Shivampet                                    9                   2

27                 Hathnoora                                    20                 1

28                 Kowdipally                                   3                   1                  8

29                 Jinnaram                                      3                   1                  6

30                 Shankarampet -A                       17                 2

31                 Regode                                           1                  1                  9

32                 Pulkal                                             6                 1                  2

33                 Andole                                            5                 1                  3

34                 Siddipet                                          17               2

35                 Chinnakodur                                  1                 1                  9

36                 Nanganoor                                      8                1                  2

37                 Doulthabad                                     10              2

38                 Dubbak                                            9               1                  1

39                 Mirdoddi                                          7               2

40                 Gajwel                                              8               1                 1

41                 Jagdevpur                                        19             2                 1

42                 Wargal                                               7               1

43                 Mulugu                                              4               1                2

44                 Toopran                                             6               1                2

45                 Kondapak                                          15             2

46                 Thoguta                                              9               1

                     TOTAL                                              451         64             72

                     Grand Total                                    587

293500 Neo-Literates and other literate people utlized the advantage of Continuing Education Centres.

Funds: 3,63,22,850/- sanctioned and the same released to the learners association committees and to the programme.


01.      Project Officer                                           (APIO)                    08455 – 276588

02.      Project Officer                                            (P.I.O.)                   08455 – 276588

03.       Dist.Collector&Chairman Z.S.S.       (Appellate Authority)   08455-26556,276555

II. Names and Designations and office Address:

  1. P. Venkateshwara Rao, M.A.,
    Dy. Director of Adult Education,
    Z.P. Complex, Sangareddy. Medak Dist. at Sangareddy.
  2. D. Laxman Rao,
    Project Officer,
    Adult Education,
    Z.P. Complex, Sangareddy. Medak Dist. at Sangareddy

O/o. Dy. Director of Adult Education, Z.P. Complex, Sangareddy. Medak Dist. at Sangareddy.

Saakshar Bharat Mission – 2012
As per the constitutional amendment of 73, the Adult Literacy programme is being implemented through panchyath raj institutions in the name of Saakshar Bharat Mission – 2012.
Saakshar Bharat Mission – 2012 literacy programme launched by the Prime Minister of India on 8-9-2009.
The financial Assistance will be provided by the Ministry of human resource development New Delhi Government of India in the ratio of 75% and 25% by the State Government.

AIM: To improve the literacy skills specially among the women.
As per the 2001 censes the District literacy rate is 51.65%
Male :64.33% Female:38.66%

The programme designed for 3 years in 3 phases. The total of 3.92 Lakh (Target) Non-Literate are to be covered during the all faces. The following are the females 3.36 Lakh will be covered during the programme.
The Saakshar Bharat Programme implementing in 18 Districts. The Medak District is one of them.
The Non literates are identified in the District are 495510, above the 15 years of age, by the S.S.A. survey conducted in the year of 2008.
85%of the women and 15% of men will be enrolled from the target group. The preference will be given to the non literates of self help groups. The knowledge society will be prepared, adding to the literacy.
Literacy programme will be implemented on the basis of 4 items.
1. Basic Literacy : Reading and Writing Skills also the numaracy along with the literacy.
2. Basic Education : To provide the eligibility to study in 5th 7th 10th through open schools.
3. Skill Development : Provide the Additional skills in their profession.
4. Continuing Education Programme: To Continue the Literacy Skills along with the income generative courses.

For implementation of Saakshar Bharat Literacy programme, the Lok Shiksha Samithis are constituted as shown below.
– At District Level – Zilla Lok Shiksha Samithi
– At Mandal Level – Mandal Lok Shiksha Samithi
– At Gramapanchyath Level – Gramapanchyath Lok Shiksha Samithi

Zilla Lok Shiksha Samithi

Sl.No.       Name of the Member                            Nominated in Z.L.S.S. Committee.

1                  Chairman Zilla Parishad                                   Chairman

2                  Dist. Collector                                                    Vice – Chairman

3                MP, Zaheerabad Constituency.                       Nominated Member

4               M.L.A. Narayankhed, Constituency.                Nominated Member

5                      M.L.C. Medak Dist.                                       Nominated Member

6                   C.E.O. Zilla Parishad                                       Co-Ordinator & Member

7             Mandal Parsihad President Narsapur                  Nominated Member

8           Mandal Parsihad President Patancheru                  Nominated Member

9             Mandal Parsihad President Narayankhed             Nominated Member

10                  Toguta, Z.P.T.C                                                   Nominated Member

11                  Papanapet Z.P.T.C.                                              Nominated Member

12                Project Director D.R.D.A.                                       Member

13                  Dist. Medical & Health Officer                    Member

14                  Youth Welfare Officer                                  Member

15                 Joint Director Agriculture                            Member

16                  Joint Director Animal Husbandary            Member

17                  Dist. Women & Child Welfare Officer        Member

18                  Project Officer S.S.A.                                   Member

19                  Manager Mahilla Praganam                       Member

20                  Dist. Public Relation Officer                       Member

21                  President Zilla Mahilla Samakya              Member

22                  Project Director Dwama                             Member

23                  Dist. Education Officer                               Member

24                  B. Manohour Rao, President,                    Nominated Member

Navajyothi (N.G.O.)
Ramayampet (M).

30                  B. Sri. Murali Mohan,                                 Nominated Member

President, Sadhana (N.G.O.)
Hathnoora (M) & (V)

31                  President, Deccan Development Society (N.G.O.)         Nominated Member

Zaheerabad(M) Pastapur (V)

32                  Director, Janasikshana Samstan                         Member

33                  Dist. Panchyath Officer                                         Member

34                  Dy. Director of Adult Education                           Member Secretary

Mandal Lok Shiksha Samithi

I                         Mandal Parishad president                                                         Chairman

II                        Women Elected Representative Preferably                            Vice Chairman

SC/ST where MPP Is not a SC/ST

III                     All women Elected Representatives Of                                     Member

the Mandal Parishad (MPTC& Surpanch)

IV                       Principal of local college                                                              Member

V                         Head Master of ZPHS located at Mandal Head Quarters     Member

VI                       Representatives of the Community Activists                          Member

( One must be women from Each community)

( to be nominated by the Chairman of the committee

a. S.C. Community – ( 2 )
b. S.T. Community – ( 2 )
c. B.C. Community – ( 2 )
d. Minority – ( 2 )

VII                    Mandal Mahilla Samakya President Secretary                       Member

VIII                   Mandal Parishad Development officer                                 Member Secretary

Secretariat One full time contractual employeeTasks:

Preparation of Mandal Level Literacy Plan
Supervision of literacy classes
Co-Ordination between Gram Panchayats and District level agency
Monitoring of the programme at Mandal Level.

Gramapanchyath Lok Shiksha Samithi

I                      Sarpanch of the Gram Panchyat                               Chairman

II                    Senior Woman ward Member Preferably                Vice Chairman

III                  All women Elected Representatives Of                     Member

the Panchayat (50% of the members Shall be women)

SC/ST surpanch is not SC/ST

IV                 All Head Masters from the local Schools                      Member

(50% of the members shall be women)

V                   Head Master of ZPHS located                                       Member

at Mandal Head Quarters

VI                 Representatives of the community                              Member

(with Proportionate representation from SCs/STs/ Minorities) –

(3) (50% of the members shall be women)

VII               3 Members as nominated by village organization (SHG)

(One SC/ST/ Minority) who are non-literates

(50% of the members shall be women)

VIII             Social Activist selected by village organization            Member


IX                 All Government employees in the Panchayat             Member

(i.e. VRO A.W. NRGEA, ASHA) (50% of the members shall be women)

X                   Secretary Gram Panchayat                                           Member Secretary

Tasks:Secretariat: Two full time contractual employees as selected by the committee (One must be a woman)

– Preparation village Literacy Plan
– Identification of non – literate women and required numbers of voluntary teachers (Literacy Educator (LE) in the Gram Panchyath.
– Sourcing storing and supply of teaching learning material and making them available to enlisted volunteers (Literacy Educators)
– Micro planning at Gram Panchyat level and supervision of literacy classes.
– Logistical support for National level Test/Learners Assessment
– Payment of honorarium to literacy educators.
– Evaluation.
– Claim to be made for award of Panchyat Mahila Shakshrata Puraskar award after achieving 100% female literacy.
– Setting up lok shiksha Kendra for continuing education with funds from Panchayat and award money.
To monitor and supervision of the Saakshar Bharat Literacy Porgramme, one Mandal Co-Ordinator is appointed by the Mandal Lok Shiksha Samithi in each mandal by paying the Honoraria of Rs. 6000/- P.M as per the G.O.Rt. No. 203, dt: 13-4-2010. To monitor and supervision of the Saakshar Bharat Literacy Porgramme, Two Village Co-Ordinators are appointed by the Grampanchyath Lok Shiksha Samithi in each Gramapanchyath by paying the Honoraria of
Rs. 2000/- P.M as per the G.O.Rt. No. 203, dt: 13-4-2010. At District Level the Adult Education functionaries works as District secretariat, to assist Zilla Lok Shiksha Samithi, as per the guide lines of State Literacy Mission Authority Hyderabad.

The total functionaries will be appointed in the District
– 46 Mandal Co-Ordinators ( One MCO in each Mandal)
– 2118 Village Co-Ordinators ( Two MCOs in each Gramapanchayat) The Gramapanchayath will be treated as a unit, for implementation of Saakshar Bharat Literacy Programme. In each unit, the Non literates will be identified and will be made literate by the involvement of the following officials and Non Officials i.e

1              Public Representatives             2                  Officials

3              Self Help Groups                       4                  Teachers

5              Students                                     6                   Non Govt. Organisations

7              Social Workers                           8                   Social Workers

9              Other Organisation                   10                Electronic and Print Media

11            Poets                                           12                  Singers

13            Every Literate Persons

The said groups should encourage the non literates every day to learn in the literacy centres of saakshar Bharat.

You can help this programme as
– Enlist As Volunteer Teacher
– In Identification of Non Literates
– For Encouraging the non literates
– To Encouraging the non literates of your parents to learn literacy.
– Inform the importance of the literacy
– Inform the Small family norms.
– Inform about the Small Savings.
– Inform the National integrity, Health, Cleaness, Women & Child Welfare, nutrition, Pulse Polio & Women Literacy, Value of vote, formation of Self Help Groups and about the Government Welfare Schemes.

Animal Husbandry
planning office

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