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The main aim of the District Sports Authority (DSA) is to promote development of Sports in the District by creating required infrastructure and to encourage the Students and Youth to practice Sports in different disciplines.

The DSA with the financial assistance from SAAP create Sports infrastructure ie. Stadia, Indoor Stadium, Swimming Pools and maintain play fields. Conduct Competitions cum Selections form Village level to District Level and Sponsor the Sports to State Level & National Level Competitions.

Extends financial support to different District Sports Associations for sending teams State level Competitions.

Conduct Annual Sports programmes (Rural, Women & A.P. Sports School Selections) & State meets. During the summer vacations, the DSA conduct Annual Summer Camps in the District at different venues in different disciplines.

A.P.Sports School Selections:-

Infrastructure Available

i). Outdoor Stadium at Sangareddy with 500 Members capacity & with

Pavilion and Hostel Building constructed. (100) Sportsman can be

Accommodated in the Hostel building.

ii). Outdoor & Indoor Stadium at Medak.

iii). Mini Stadium and Mini Indoor Stadium at Jogipet.

iv). Sports Complex & Sports Pavilion Building at Siddipet.

v). Mini Stadium & Pavilion building at Gajwel

vi.). Mini Stadium at Sadasivpet with Pavilion Building.

vii). Swimming Pool at Sangareddy (Under Construction).

Sports Activities.

Every year the Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh used to communicate the Schedule of activities to be taken for development of Women Sports & Rural Sports in the following disciplines.

Rural Sports Women Sports

1.Kho-Kho                                          1. Table Tennis

2.Kabaddi                                            2. Lawn Tennis

3.Volleyball                                         3. Shuttle

4.Hockey                                             4. Athletics

5.Football                                            5. Hand Ball

6.Athletics                                           6. Basket Ball

7.Archery                                             7. Hockey

8.Weightlifting                                     8. Kho-Kho

9.Wrestling                                          9. Kabaddi

10.Boxing                                            10. Volleyball

To encourage the Sports men, the DSA Conduct Competitions in the above disciplines at Village, Mandal and District Level and Send the Selected Sportsmen to State Level Competitions. The DSA will provide TA /DA and uniform to the District Teams every year.

With effect from 2008-09 the Government of India introduced Panchayat Yuva Kreeda Aur Khel Abhiyan (PYKKA) Scheme.

Panchayat Yuva Kreeda Aur Khel Abhiyan (PYKKA) :-

To Encourage and promote Sports & Games among Rural Youth & children by providing then with access to basic sports infrastructure and Sports equipment at the panchayat level and opportunity to participant in Sports competitions at different levels, the Government of India is implementing the scheme called PYKKA.

As per the guidelines of the scheme, in the 1st phase, 2 Villages (panchayats) in each Mandal and (4) Blocks have been selected in Medak District for implementation of PYKKA Scheme for the year 2008 – 09.

The Government of releasing the funds for the following purposes

1)      One Time Seed Capital seed Grant (OTSCG) assistance for the development of play fields i.e need based sports infrastructure & Non – Consumable equipment.

2)      Equipment acquisition grant for the purpose of consumables sports equipment.

3)      Operational grant for maintenance activities and engaging Kridashree.

4)      Competition grant for conduct of annual competitions.

So for in Medak District (92) Villages (Panchayats) and (4) Blocks have been identified and Kridashree has been selected. Further Panchayat Level Implementing Agencies (PLIA) and Mandal Level Implementing Agencies (MLIA) have been constituted & joint Bank A/c have been opened in the Banks, we have also released 1st installment i.e 50% of One time seed capital assistance to all the (92) PYKKA Villages and (4) PYKKA Blocks @ Rs.50,000/- and Rs.2,50,000/- respectively as per GOI preceding guidelines. All the PYKKA Villages & Blocks formed a V.L.C. (Village level committee) and M.L.C. (Mandal level committee) as per GOI guidelines while implementation of OTSCG works, the Collector has formed committee in the mandal level i.e MPDO, Tahsildhar, AE(PR), agency concerned Mandals for supervising the works.

The Acquisition grant (Consumable Sports Equipment) concerned as per the consuetude District purchase committee (D.P.C) by the District Collector the D.P.C called the quotations from agencies and decided rates and Brand through negotiation as per requirement of PLIA’s / MLIA’s. The purchase order pending for further instructions from SAAP.

Further with the financial support of UNICEF, we have organized training to PETs / PD-II TOT’s (Trainers of Trainees) who are Training to the Kridashrees. The Training of the Kridashrees was also completed in the month of from 15th to 27th February – 2010 and 2nd to 15th March – 2010 in two batches.

In the meanwhile the District administration has conducted PYKKA lower level competitions to the rural youth, for Boys & Girls in the 10 Disciplines as selected by SAAP, Hyderabad.

1. Athletics                           (Boys & Girls)                        6. Hockey                             (Boys & Girls)

2. Kho-Kho                           (Boys & Girls)                        7. Teakwondo                        (Boys & Girls)

3. Kabaddi                            (Boys & Girls)                        8. Boxing                              (Boys & Girls)

4. Volleyball                          (Boys & Girls)                        9. Archery                             (Boys & Girls)

5. Football                            (Boys & Girls)                        10. Weightlifting                     (Boys & Girls)

The competitions at Mandal Level were conducted on 10th & 11th March 2009, at Block level in 12th and 13th and at District level on 18th and 19th. There was good response from Boys and Girls of the District and the public representatives have also participated at Mandal, Block and District level competitions for the year 2009-10 and the DSA, Sangareddy has send the District Boys & Girls teams to state level PYKKA tournaments / Selections as per SAAP scheduled at different venues and dates in the state for the year 2009 -10.

During 2009-10 ie Phase – II, the following (10) Mandals were selected one Mandal from each Constituency under PYKKA Scheme.

1.      Medak                               2. Andole

3.      Sadasivpet                       4. Gajwel

5.      Siddipet                             6. Narayanakhed

7.      Kowdipally                        8. Zaheerabad

9.      Patancheru                      10.Dubbak

The Government have Constituted District Sports Authority (DSA) with the following officers for implementation of the PYKKA Scheme.

The Government have also constituted Mandal Sports Authority (MSA) & Panchayat Sports Authority (PSA) as detailed below for effective implementation of the PYKKA Scheme.

At present the proposals are under way for implementation of the PYKKA Scheme in the said (10) Mandals.

The Government have constituted a Separate Cell for implementation of PYKKA Scheme with the following staff at DSA.

1.      Superintend

2.      Junior Assistance

3.      Attender

The Additional Joint Collector is designated as Nodal Officer / Member Secretary and the District Sports Development Officer PYKKA incharge.

Out standing performance by the Sportsmen of Medak District.

1.      Sri. Srinivas Reddy Uttarpally of Kondapur Mandal Kabaddi Player represented in International Player.

2.   Sri. Md. Syed Sangareddy Mandal Football Player represented International.

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