Housing Department

Name of the Department: A.P. State Housing Corporation

Head of the Department : Project Director

Postal Address : ICC at Sangareddy. Medak Dist.(AP)

Office Phone No. : 08455-276296

Office Fax No. : 08455-276677


The Andhra Pradesh State Housing Corporation Limited was incorporated in July 1979 as Government Company under the companies Act.1956 and it was changed as a corporation in 1982 for construction of houses for weaker sections.
A.P.State Housing Corporation, Medak District has promoting and executing different type of housing schemes for the benefit of the people who are under the below poverty line particularly the weaker section who are living in rural and urban areas and to help in construction of houses of victims of the natural calamities such as fire victims, cyclone etc.

The A.P.State Housing Corporation Ltd, Medak is propagating innovative technologies in construction of weaker section housing to reduce the cost of construction at various levels in order to get relief from the possible debts. In foundation Arch blocks of sand cement blocks, in basement and super structure solid stone cement blocks, window and door frames and in roofing raffers are substituted in place of traditional method of construction which shown around 25 to 30% of savings in construction.

II. Indiramma Housing Programme:

Hon. Ex-Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Late Sri. Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy launched the historic INDIRAMMA (Integrated Novel Development in Rural Areas and Model Municipal Areas) Housing Programme. The main objective of this programme is to provide the basic needs in respect of the identified activities on saturation basis in all the Villages and Towns over a period of three years. Such development model will ensure overall development of the Villages/Towns in a transparent manner covering additional areas every year. In this programme to coverage of all eligible beneficiaries and the infrastructure needs, 1/3 of the mandals is identified during the year from 2006-07 to 2008-09 under the 3 phases.

Phasing structure of Indiramma Housing Programme is as follows:

1. Phase –I 2006-2007

2. Phase-II 2007-08

3. Phase-III 2008-09

Selection & Eligibility of Beneficiaries under INDIRAMMA Housing Programme :

The selection of Beneficiaries shall be done by the Grama Sabhas and empowered committees duly following the guidelines and eligible criteria is as follows:-

1. The person should be under below poverty line families.

2. He/She must possess white a ration card.

3. He/she must be living in the kutcha house at present.

4. He/She must have not benefited under any other previous Housing Schemes.


The eligible beneficiary must be construct his/her house not less than 20Sq meters plinth area as per the approved type design on “Self Help and Mutual Help” concept without involving any contractors or middlemen as per following plan.



1. The Project Director(Housing) are sending house sanction proceedings directly to the individual beneficiaries in Telugu by post which contains the details of schematic pattern of the scheme, stage wise payments, material schedule, loan repayment schedule and the procedure for construction of the houses.

2. The digital photographs of the houses are to be taken along with the beneficiary standing in front of the house at three stages, before making the payments to the beneficiaries.

3. Conducting meetings and imparting training to all housing employees which helps to improve and motivate the beneficiaries to construct their houses at an early date and also creating awareness among the beneficiaries about the details and implementation of scheme pattern, payment schedule and loan repayment.

4. At the district level grievance cell is being operated with Phone No. 9701452409 and redressal will be communication to the beneficiaries.

5. APSHCL has formulated Citizens’ Charter and is being implemented to achieve 100% beneficiary satisfaction. Time frames have been clearly stipulated for sanction of houses, for payment to beneficiaries etc.

6. The action plans is prepared to complete the houses and frequent shortfall and causes are noted.

Progress of Medak District Housing Programme

Payment Structure: INDIRAMMA PHASE-I The payment schedule for Departmental Execution of SC / ST Houses

The payment schedule for Indiramma Phase – I

The payment schedule for Indiramma Phase – I SC / ST In Progress Houses



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