In Medak District SC total population is 4,69,492, the male population is 2,35,715, Female population is 2,33,777. The bifurcation of the population in Rural areas is 4,31,862 and Urban areas is 37,630. Out of which this Society has been covered 2,13,909 Scheduled Castes beneficiaries and they are benefited in various schemes like Land Purchase, Minor Irrigation, Lift Irrigation, Horticulture, Drip Irrigation, other Economic Support Schemes and Training Programmes since inception.

The Medak District Scheduled Castes Service Coop; Societies Ltd., Sangareddy was set up in the 1974 with a view to take up programme for the Economic development of Scheduled Castes families in the District.

The Main objectives of the Society is as follows:

  • To provide financial assistance for creation of Income Generating Assets.
  • To offer training programmes for skill up gradation leading to Self/Wage employment.
  • To empower Women Self Help Groups for taking of Economic Support Activity.
  • To plug critical gaps of finance in Economic Support Schemes.

This Society has taken up various programmes for economic up-liftment of Scheduled Castes in the District and the Targets and Achievements made since inception of the Society up to 2009-2010 as detailed below:

Rs. in lakhs

Under S.C. Action Plan2010-2011, the VC & Managing Director, APSCCFC Ltd., Hyderabad has allocated a target of Rs.1711.769 lakhs to provide various economic support schemes for upliftment of (9939) S.C. beneficiaries to the Medak District SCS Society Ltd., Sangareddy. Out of which the Society has sanctioned various schemes with an outlay of Rs.865.892 lakhs covering with (3957) S.C. families to improve their economic status.


As per the new funding pattern, the District S.C. Society will sanction and release the Subsidy @50% or Rs.30000/- which ever is less per each beneficiary. The balance amount will be the Bank Loan and 5% beneficiary contribution will be mobilized wherever unit cost is above Rs.1.00 lakh as per the norms for grounding of the units.

Loan waiver information :

  • Since inception, a Loan amount of Rs.6074.40 lakhs waived of covering with 92,085 SC beneficiaries in different schemes under Loan waiver programme as announced by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad. This Society has been distributed Loan waiver letters to the SC beneficiaries at constituency level while inviting the Hon’ble Ministers, Hon’ble MLAs, local Representatives and concerned officers.
  • Bank Linked Schemes and Other Schemes with Corporation Subsidy:

Under Bank Linked and Corporation Subsidy schemes, as against the target of (971) and Rs.597.831 lakhs, this Society has sanctioned and covered (1080) SC beneficiaries, with an outlay of Rs.655.200 lakhs under Economic Support Schemes. Regarding grounding of schemes a special drive has been taken up for all sanctions made during the year. Further (59) Bore wells have been sanctioned in Assigned lands & (31) Submersible pumpsets under 100% subsidy.

  • Convergence Programme.

Under Convergence programme, other link departments like DWMA, DRDA ( Velugu), Agriculture, Horticulture, AP Micro Irrigation, Animal Husbandry department and AP Transco have covered (58308) SC beneficiaries against the target of (6995) and the financial achievement is Rs.7130.450 lakhs against the target of Rs.910.913 lakhs.

The Sector wise details are shown below:

Social Welfare Department
Tribal Welfare Department

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