Mee Seva is a easier, Faster, online, web based, transparent and secured citizen-centric service facility to provide convenient access to the citizens without any need for them to go to multiple Government offices for getting their work done


– eSeva, CSCs and APOnline centers are commonly called as Mee Seva Centers

–  These centers are have common look and feel with certain specifications

–  Certificates issued are digitally signed

–  Certificates issued through “Mee Seva” can be verified electronically at any point of time by anybody

–  All the Departments pertaining to these services is stored at the State Electronic Certificate Repository located in State Data Center

–  Optimum Utilization of NeGP infrastructure of SDC, SWAN and CSCs

Envisioning an Integrated Service Delivery

–     A single-entry portal for the entire range of services.

–     Seamless & Paperless to the extent possible.

–     Privacy and security of the system.

–      Multiple delivery channels.

Electronic Service Delivery Rules, 2011

IT & C dept vide G.O. Ms. No. 10, IT&C dept, dt: 18-10-2011 approved ESD Rules, 2011

  • Contains framework, guidelines and legal status for electronic delivery of Govt. services.
  • Revenue department vide FAX memo. No. 42578/Rev(SS.1)/2011-3, dt:03 -11-2011 approved the electronic delivery of services of Revenue department.

 Main features of ESD Rules, 2011

 All departments to notify ESD Services in 30 days

  • All departments to deliver ESD Services in 1 year
  • Competent Statutory authorities approve & digitally sign the relevant databases.
  • Digitally signed databases are uploaded to central servers
  • Designated Mee Seva kiosks operators download records using their digital certificates, print & deliver to citizen.
  • Security, Authenticity & Responsibility clearly defined

Categorization of Services

Category A

  • These are the services that can be given across the counter from the Mee Seva operator.
  • Essential prerequisites
  • No Supporting Documents required to be given at the Kiosk.

Category B         

  • No electronic database available.
  • Paper records may be available
  • Applicant to submit supporting documents as per predefined checklist.

Category B1

– No electronic database available
– Paper records may be available

  • Need to scan, archive and digitally sign and place in the SECR to move to the Category A
  • Many cases require a field inspection/ discreet or detailed enquiry to confirm and corroborate the available information

– Applicant to submit supporting documents as per predefined checklist.

Category B2

– Transactional/ Statutory in nature

  • Notices/Hearings/Field Inspections required.

– Applicant to produce predefined checklist of supporting documents which necessarily entails field enquiry by the officials.
The Receipt of the Citizen Requests in Public Domain would allow Monitoring, Chasing & Control on their disposal within the stipulated time frame
Revenue Department Services

Registration Department Services

  GHMC Services

Election Department


Benefits from the project

  • Citizens can access services at doorsteps (CSCs) in an integrated manner
  • Responsive, Transparent and Accountable Service Delivery
  • Cost savings for citizens on account of

–      Less number of Trips

–      Less Waiting Time

–      Can track status of applications

–      Savings of upto Rs 100 per txn

  • Modernization and Automation of District Administration
  • Empowerment of Citizens