Saudi crown prince threatened to inflict ‘major’ economic pain on US amid oil feud

Breaking News: Classified Document Unveils Saudi Crown Prince’s Economic Threat to Washington Following US President’s Warning

In a stunning revelation, a recently declassified document has brought to light the actions of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) in response to a stern warning issued by US President Joe Biden. The classified report discloses that MbS resorted to threatening substantial economic repercussions upon Washington following the President’s criticism of Riyadh’s decision to reduce oil production in the previous autumn.

The document sheds new light on the intensity of the diplomatic clash between two key global powers, providing insight into the behind-the-scenes tensions that have unfolded. The contents of the report have stirred significant intrigue and could potentially strain the already delicate relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia.

President Biden’s condemnation of Saudi Arabia’s oil production cuts reverberated through diplomatic channels, amplifying concerns regarding global oil supply and its potential impact on the fragile post-pandemic economic recovery. The classified document now reveals that the Saudi Crown Prince did not take these admonitions lightly, responding with a veiled threat aimed at the economic stability of the United States.

According to The Washington Post, which obtained the document, MbS declared that he would no longer engage with the US administration and warned of major economic consequences for Washington. The document, part of a significant leak of highly sensitive national security materials shared on the Discord messaging platform, provides insight into the crown prince’s private sentiments.

The US National Security Council responded to the revelation, stating that they were unaware of such threats made by Saudi Arabia. An anonymous official acknowledged that classified documents often offer a limited perspective, capturing only a snapshot of a specific moment in time, and may not present the complete picture. The official emphasized the ongoing collaboration between the United States and Saudi Arabia, describing the Arab nation as an important regional partner in advancing mutual interests and a shared vision for a secure, stable, and prosperous region.

As of now, the Saudi Embassy in Washington has not issued any comments on the matter. This development further underscores the complexities within the Saudi-US relationship and raises questions about the potential consequences of strained ties between the two nations. Observers and analysts will closely monitor any forthcoming statements or actions from both sides, as the implications of this revelation could reverberate across diplomatic and economic landscapes.

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