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Generally speaking survey means to have a comprehensive study of a subject by collecting full details and preserve in a scientific manner

In the same way Land Survey means to have detailed study of lands land holders boundaries, area of lands with the measurements, Geographical identities, classification of lands its value and assessment etc., The main task of land records is to preserve all these records

Necessity and Importance :-

It is necessary to protect the Government land as well as individuals landholders it is also necessary to protect the Govt. land from encroachments by vested interest and settle the boundary disputes arising between the cultivators in accordance with law and justice

Historical Back ground :-

Historically, first survey of land was taken up during the period of Moghul emperor Akbar in 1571 A.D. Assessment @ 1/3rd of produce was collected from the Ryots which was main source of Government Revenue. Settlement of assessment for every 10 years was done. Later on the rulers resorted to force full collection of assessments from the Ryots to fill their coffers

In the year 1817 Rythuwari Bandobasth system was introduced according to which every register land holder was recognized as the pattedar of the land who used to pay the assessment directly to the Govt. The Ryots have certain rights over the land namely leasing, Mortgaging, gifting, disposing and leaving the entire land to the Govt. They have also right to request the Govt. to reduce the assessments in case of crops failure

During the British rule from 1828 to 1853 the cost of produces decreased drastically and it became a heavy burden for the cultivators to pay the assessment to the Govt.

During this period only some experiments on systems of survey came into existence they are 1) Paimash 2) Khasra 3) Simple triangulation 4) Triangulation with offsets 5) Plain survey 6) Punganur System 7) D&O (Diagonal & Offset system)

Since the Erstwhile Hyderabad state consisted (17) Districts out of which (9) belonged to A.P, ( 2) belonged to Karnataka and (5) belonged to Maharastra state. Prior to Re organization of State in 1956 Survey and Boundaries Act, 1923 existed in Andhra Rayalaseem District and Land Revenue Act, 1317 Fasli was existed in Telengana Districts

With regard to Bombay system of Survey in Telangana, it is similar to Punganur system of Survey. In this system a “ G ” line is drawn on 3, 4 survey numbers and offsets will be taken to form right angle triangles and Trapezium. The area of the triangles and Trapeziums together shall be the extent of the survey numbers. The records prepared on the basis of this system are being implemented in Telangana Region the provisions of Land Revenue Act, 1317 Fasli are implemented

Land Acquisition:-

1) Dr.B.R. Amedkar Pranahita Chevella Srujala Sravanthi lift Irrigation Scheme Siddipet Division work completed and sub division Record sent to L.A.O Siddipet and Chinnakodur ManDal of ( 5 ) villages an extent Acr 1307-09gts

2) The Singoor Project sub division work is completed and sub division records sent to the Spl.Dy.Dollector L.A. Singoor Project at Sangareddy the total files (74) an extent Acr 1269-00gts

3) The construction of Reservoir pump House etc and Augmentation of Water Supply to Hyderabad Urban Agglomeration area from Reservoir Godavari under Mohmed Abdul Kalam Hyderabad Srujala Sravanthi GDWSS-Phase-I. The (30) villages an extent Acr 755-37gts sub division work completed and the sub division records sent to Spl.Dy.Collector office remaining villages are extent Acr 245-00gts balance and under progress

I Govt land spot inspection of Papannapet (M) Laxminaar H/o. Kothapally (V) Proc.No.D/2206/09 dt.10-11-09 R.D.O. Medak

Sy.No. 343 Acr 898-02gts Sy.No. 361 Acr 200-27gts Law & order Medak Division Papannapet (M) Dharna on 9-11-2009 by the T.R.S. Party work as under leader ship of Sri. T.Harish Rao, M.L.A. the brief facts as below

The R.D.O. Medak and Asst.Director(S&LRs) formed 6 teams to survey the Govt land in Sy.No. 343 and 361 and the following category of post in the team of verification of land on the spot.

1) Tahsidlar

2) Dy.Tahsildar

3) Mandal Surveyor

i) The Sy.No. 343 an extent Acr 898-02gts preliminary verification report of lands category of SC, ST .BC. OC and settlers

ii) The Sy.No. 361 an extent Acr 200-27gts cast wise category of B.C AND OCs settlers

The statement prepared assigned to settlers and villagers the extent of land un assigned and under the occupation of settled and others. The extent of land which was purchased by the settlers from the assignees

Services to Public from Survey & Land Records Department:

  1. ‘ F’Line measurement/Demarcation:- Whenever a petition is received from the landholder to fix up the boundaries of his survey number with an Xerox copy of Patta Pass Book and attested original Pahani and remitted challan , the field staff will demarcate the survey number as per the tippan and map available in the records and conduct the panchanamma on the spot.
  1. 2. Patta land sub-division work and issue of Supplementary Sethwar

Sub division (phodi) in patta land will be carried out by the Mandal Surveyor duly following the instructions issued by the Commissioner of Survey Settlement & Land Records A.P.Hyderabad vide Rc.No.N1/1408/07 dt. 12-7-2007. The applications received in this regard will be forwarded to the concerned Tahsildar office where it will be thoroughly verified. If is in order, the Mandal Surveyor attend sub division work and prepare the sub division record as per actual possession on ground and revenue records. The Tahsildar shall verify the documents of the concerned parties and Revenue Records and send the record duly attested to this office for sanction of phodi. The records shall be scrutinized in the Asst.Director office and take further action for preparation of Supplementary Sethwar and incorporation of changes. The sub division work done in the Mandal office will be received by the Tahsildar and the concerned register shall be inspect is by the Asst.Director(S&LRs), Inspector, Dy.Inspecor whenever visited the Mandal office. So this facilitates to public to get demarcate there lands in future

3. The Govt land assignment:- The Government land the survey numbers of large extents and the Tahsidlar allot assigned lands to beneficiaries. Due to large extent the Mandal Surveyor identified and measured the land and incorporate in the map. So the beneficiaries get the rights for demarcation in future.

4. Court Commission cases:- In the Court cases, this department assists the Advocate Commissioner appointed by the Court of law in the land related issue and settle the dispute as per the Court orders.

5. Correction of Survey errors:- Rectification of survey errors U/S 87 and U/s 90 of A.P. (TA)LR Act 1317Fasli. The facilitates to the public for correction of Survey errors in Survey and Settlements & Land Records

6. Certified Copies:- Sethwar, Wasoolbaqi tippan tonchmap and panchanamma shall be issued to the public on submission with requisite fee challan and documents.

Duties of the Asst.Director:-

1) Provide technical guidance to Revenue officers when ever and wherever necessary

2) Conduct supervising of all technical work done in the District ( done by the IOS /DY.IOS /Surveyors /Dy.Surveyors )

3) Settlement of boundaries and the constructions report and maintenance of boundaries marks

4) Correction of maps when necessitude by changes on the spot

5) Maintenance, Classification and preservation of Settlement Records and there up to date correction according to the latest changes of spot

6) Importing serve settlement training to villages officials and others

7) Checking of sub division records incorporating the changes wherever necessary

Duties of Inspector:-

1)Supervise the quality check of subordinates

2)Ensure prompt completion of survey operations in his Jurisdiction

3) Revenue performance of Dy.Inspector /Surveyors

4)Dispose of appeals on demarcation filed by public

Duties of Deputy Inspectors:-

1) Assist Revenue Divisional Officer in all technical matters and ensure timely completion of survey entrusted him in the revenue division

2) Review performance of Surveyors / Dy.Surveyors

3) Scrutinize sub division records

4) Dispose of appeals on demarcation filed by public

Duties of Surveyors / Dy.Surveyors:-

The duties of Surveyors / Dy.Surveyors connected with measurements, Inspection and other items of work i.e. technical nature, which can not be done by the R.I Before visiting a village, he should obtained necessary records i.e. Tippans village maps and other papers ( Records ) to finish out the work properly and to avoid postponement of work. He should also inspect boundary marks with ( Tippans and FMBs) and report to compliance to the Asst.Director. As a matter of fact the surveyors should attend both field and office work promptly. The Mandal Surveyor /Dy.Surveyors transfer and posted to Mandal Revenue Offices.




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