6 things to check  to keep you safe  for Labor Day  road trips

Check fluids,  wipers,  hoses  and belts

Rubber windshield wiper blades deteriorate faster in the dry heat. Inspect and replace any cracked or brittle belts and hoses

Check Battery

Check battery: Heat evaporates battery fluids, which can speed up corrosion.

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Check air conditioning: If it’s running a little warm, you might be low in refrigerant or have a loose drive belt. It could also be clogged valves or filters, slow leads in components or hoses or clogs in the condenser.

Check Tyres

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Check tires: According to the Rubber Manufacturers Association, 85 percent of drivers don’t know how to properly inflate their tires.

Must carry items in case of breakdown: • Charged cell phone • First-aid kit • Fire extinguisher • Reflective warning triangles • Foam tire sealant • Jumper cables

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